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Medical cooler bags are specialized cooler bags that are designed to keep medical supplies, drugs, and vaccines at a specific temperature range. They are used to transport and store temperature-sensitive medical products that need to be kept within a certain temperature range to maintain their effectiveness and safety.

Medical cooler bags are generally made of durable and insulated material, such as nylon or polyester, and are designed to keep the contents cool for an extended period of time. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, and can be carried by hand or worn over the shoulder.

Some features of medical cooler bags include:

  1. Built-in thermometers: to monitor the temperature inside the cooler bag and ensure that the contents are kept at the proper temperature.
  2. Insulation: made of materials such as foam or a special lining (silver foil), to keep the contents cool for an extended period of time.
  3. Temperature control: some medical cooler bags have built-in temperature control systems that can be set to a specific temperature range.
  4. Durable and easy-to-clean: made of materials that are easy to clean and can withstand frequent use.
  5. Reflective material : to protect the contents from direct sunlight and UV radiation.
  6. Tamper-proof seals or locks : to protect the contents and make sure they are not tampered with while in transit.

Medical cooler bags are used in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and during transport of medical products. They play an important role in ensuring that temperature-sensitive medical products are stored and transported safely and effectively.

Medication coolers

A medication cooler is a type of insulated bag or container that is used to keep medication at a safe temperature while transporting it. Medications, particularly those that need to be refrigerated, can be sensitive to changes in temperature and can lose their effectiveness if they become too hot or too cold. Medication coolers use insulation and ice packs or refrigerant gel packs to maintain a safe temperature range, typically between 2-8 degrees Celsius. They can be made in various sizes and designs, such as small, portable bags for individual use or larger, wheeled bags for hospital or clinical use. Some medication coolers have built-in thermometers or temperature monitoring systems to ensure the medication stays at the correct temperature throughout transport. Here at Cooler Bags we can custom make your very own bags starting from just 250 units.

What type of material can my custom made medical cooler bags be made of?

Medical Coolers can be made from a variety of materials, including:

  1. Nylon: Nylon is a durable and water-resistant material that is often used in cooler bags due to its lightweight and flexible nature.
  2. Canvas: Canvas is a sturdy material that is often used for cooler bags due to its strength and durability. Canvas bags are also often lined with insulation to help keep food and drinks cool.
  3. Neoprene: Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that is commonly used in cooler bags due to its ability to insulate and protect contents from heat and cold.
  4. Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic material that is often used in cooler bags due to its lightweight, durability, and ability to withstand moisture and mildew.
  5. PVC (polyvinyl chloride): PVC is a plastic material that is often used in cooler bags due to its water-resistant properties.
  6. Ripstop fabric: Ripstop is a type of woven fabric that is designed to resist tearing and ripping. It is often used in cooler bags to help prevent damage from normal wear and tear.
  7. Polypropylene: Polypropylene is a lightweight and durable plastic material that is often used in cooler bags due to its ability to retain its shape and resist moisture.
  8. Silver Foil Insulation: Undoubtedly the gold standard form medical coolers – Silver foil insulation in cooler bags is used to contents cool by reflecting heat away from the interior of the bag. The silver foil is typically made of a material that has a high thermal resistance, which helps to prevent heat transfer from the exterior of the bag to the interior. This helps to keep the contents of the cooler at a constant, cool temperature, even in hot weather. The silver foil insulation is typically sandwiched between the outer fabric of the cooler bag and an inner layer of insulation, such as foam or a heat-sealed lining, to provide maximum insulation and protection against heat transfer.
  9. Further to above:

The silver foil insulation manufacturing process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Material selection: The first step in the manufacturing process is to select the materials that will be used to create the insulation. This typically includes a layer of silver foil, a layer of foam insulation, and a layer of fabric or film.
  2. Cutting: The materials are then cut to size using precision cutting equipment, such as a die-cut machine or a laser cutter.
  3. Lamination: The individual layers are then laminated together using a process called thermal lamination. This involves applying heat and pressure to bond the materials together into a single, cohesive piece.
  4. Inspection: Once the lamination process is complete, the insulation is inspected for quality and any defects are corrected.
  5. Packaging: The finished insulation is then packaged for shipment or storage.

The manufacturing process for silver foil insulation may vary depending on the specific requirements of the manufacturer and the end-use of the insulation. However, these are the basic steps that are typically involved in the creation of silver foil insulation for cooler bags.

What other parts of the bags can we customise?

  1. Materials – it’s your choice, choose from a FULL ranges of colours and textures
  2. PVC backing
  3. EVA foam lining
  4. Waterproof lining
  5. Closures including zippers, fasteners and velcro
  6. Shoulder Straps – if required
  7. Carry Handles – if required
  8. Internal stitching
  9. Internal pockets – mesh etc
  10. Internal & external pockets
  11. Windows – clear external stitched panels, with custom sizing and built to your specifications with the ability to hold paperwork or important documentation
  12. Logo/s- these are optional and we can apply any type of decoration if required manufacturing process saving you time and $$$ Options include: screen print, digital transfer and embroidery.

Delivery & Time frames?

As all of our custom made medical coolers are manufactured in our offshore warehouse, we have two streamlined options for delivery we have perfected after many years in service:

  1. Sea freight – 9-10 week lead in time-frame, depending time of the year and scope of project. Advantages: the most cost effective way to order.
  2. Air freight – 7-8 weeks, depending on scope of project, sometimes sooner. Advantages: shorter lead in times. Disadvantages: can add additional cost to the ordering process.

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