Cooler Tote Bags – Customised & Personalised

Considering the importance of looking good in today’s world, tote cooler bags give you both the option of looking your best and being able to have a well insulated cooler bag on the move at all times. A tote bag cooler is simply a bag similar to a shopping bag or hand bag which has been designed to insulate the contents of the bag and keep them fresh at all times. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes and compose of unique our PVC layered fabric inside for insulation and they offer other accessories such as pockets, handles and shoulder straps. Cooler totes can be used for the beach, office, sporting events, golf and many other types of different activities. We have created this range because we think people enjoy placing all of their contents into one large insulated compartment. Built for your favourite food and drinks these bags will keep all of your contents at your desired temperature with the aid of ice packs. “Tote” means to carry, so “Carry Cooler Bags” is the modern day term for these bags. All of these bags can be screen printed or embroidered with your name, logo or business name.

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