Picnic Cooler Bags – Custom Printed & Personalised

If you are looking for an outdoor Australian Picnic Cooler Bag, consider some of our tried and trusted Outdoor Bags from our range.  Built tough for Australian conditions these bags are made from durable nylon and polypropylene materials for their durability and weight saving properties.  Weekend and afternoon picnics are a favorite amongst our nation and why not supply your recipients with great quality picnic bags from Cooler Bags Australia.  Many of our bags within our range also include usable and functional items on the inside such as plates, knives, forks’, spoons, glasses and more.  With inclusion of these items one has everything that they need for a great picnic for any day of the week.  The only thing you need to add is your favorite food or drinks and cold or hot packs to achieve the temperature that you need.

We can even custom print your picnic items with your name, logo or business details.  All of our coolers listed here in this range are supplied to you with decoration printed onto the bags.  The type of decoration that is most popular is a one color one print position and all of our containers come with this type of print.  For more complex designs we may suggest multi color prints or even digital prints to capture full color artwork or intricate text or logos.  This is a small additional cost per bag for this great looking print finish.  Simply provide us with your logo and we are more than happy to send you a detailed quotation.  For assistance regarding our insulated Picnic Cooling Bags range simply contact one of our customer support teams today.  Need samples?  Just let us know…

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