Lunch Box Cooler Bags – Custom Printed & Personalised

The ever popular Australian Lunch Box Cooler Bags are an all time favorite with many people who have chosen a lifestyle outside. They are well suited to trades people, school students, university students, organisations and businesses. Intended for regular daily use these bags will maintain consistent temperatures throughout the day thanks to a well constructed design. Many of these coolers are lined with PVC so that they can be easily cleaned at the end of using the bag and then stored for drying out easily. On the inside of the fabric there is an insulated core made from a soft long-lasting foam rubber. This foam sandwiched between two layers helps maintain a constant temperature inside the shell of the bag. The idea of a food storage container has been round for years, but now you can enjoy the benefits of a quality made cooler lunch box from Cooler Bags Australia. We all know there are options for plastic lunch boxes but these toxic options made from poor quality plastics offshore don’t even compare to a well made nylon or polyester cooler bag. Their ability to retain the temperature inside with the use of hot and cold packs is second to none and they are also more flexible than a traditional lunch box and there content is quite often well protected.

All of our lunch cooler can be printed with your company name or logo, signifying your message for all to see.  All of our lunch coolers can be fully customised with your own logos and designs.  We offer screen print, full color transfers, embroidery and rubber badges to promote your business or company logos.

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