About Us

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About Us – Who Is Cooler Bags Australia?

Our company is an Australia owned (managed by the Boost Promo Network)and operated full service solution provider of customised cooler bags.  We are well respected in the insulated bags industry and employ just a few staff to facilitate your bags needs.  Our team comprises of customer service agents, graphic designers, production facilitators and logistics personal as well as warehoused based staff to dispatch and deliver these good to you.

Collectively across Australia and New Zealand we have over 15 years experience in dealing with locally printed and decorated cooler bags and also vast experience in dealing in offshore manufacturing.  We support local businesses and companies and therefore only supply to end users ensuring great all round pricing for everyone.

What Do We Do?

We specialise in the creation of business to business and business to company cooler bags.  Our types of insulated bags can be purchased with your decoration requirements or we can supply them to you plain un-printed.  We focus our efforts on great product design for Australian conditions, sourcing and continual product development.  We aim to develop key partnerships with businesses and companies and become an important part of your business whereby we become an extension of your business creating a fundamental vertical integration process which is mutually beneficial to all parties.

How Do We Work?

Our business model is based on you the customer.  We work closely with you to create insulated bag solutions for you and your end user.  Throughout this entire process we will keep you informed with regular updates and complete transparency.  When customising bags for you or your clients the following is a summary of how we do it:

Brief – not only can we supply you with printed, decorated or just plain cooler bags there is a process called “Indent” in which your bags can be manufactured offshore.  Now let’s start with the basics, we always provide you with a brief.  Not only do you just select a bag that may be suitable for you or your clients needs, we can provide you with concept ideas that you may have and having two heads instead are better than one so we strongly encourage working together at all times to come up with a range of foil insulated options that will suit your requirements.

Concept – Based on the brief, together we can come up with a range of concepts or designs.  At this point in time you may wish to add ideas to the concept or ask us for feedback.  Also at this stage pricing is set for your custom made coolers to be made.  Everything is calculated itemised and explained to you in detail before we proceed any further.

Development – Once you have decided on the concept we start the development process of your custom made thermal bags.  This involves our designers submitting the details to the development team for the entire process to get under way.

Pre Production Sample – The Pre Production sample is based in your development recommendations.  Once we send you a sample of the bag/s this is where you will sign off before it goes into full production.  Changes can also be made at this point, however your account manager will be carefully guiding you through this process.

Quality Control – Both during and at the completion of your bags our manufacturing process our QC agents will ensure that the production process is on track and there is consistency through all of the goods manufactured.

Shipping And Delivery – We can arrange all of the shipping from offshore to onsite.  We also provide you with an exact schedule of when you will take delivery of your merchandise.  This means we use the best possible freighting rates with is another saving we can pass onto you with your merchandise.

Payment – Payment terms can be arranged by your account manager.  We offer favorable/flexible payment options to suit a wide range of budgets.

The Environment

Our company is committed to environmentally responsible practices.  Whenever possible we will suggest alternative materials to be used in the manufacturing process if you are customising your items.  We also encourage the reduction of waste materials in the manufacturing and packaging process and we also have a strong commitment to reducing the impact of our industry has on the environment.  We offer earth friendly bag options for those who are environmentally conches.

From start to finish, we are Australia’s one stop shop for customisable and plain cooler bags.  No other store can provide you with a better range than we have.  No one can also provide you with the customisation options that we have on tap for you.  For you free consultation, simply contact one of our account managers today.