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Our General Cooler Bags range makes up one of the largest selection of coolers that we sell throughout Australia. These bags come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and their carrying capacity will depend on the overall volume of the bags. If you are looking for a daily cooler bag or something to hold a larger amount of contents, consider these options. The thermal properties of these bags are of the highest quality you will find available anywhere in Australia and they are made from the best quality materials that we can source. Nylon and Polyester account for over 90 percent of the materials used in this section. Some coolers are also made from our unique rip-stop nylon which as suggests prevents tearing of the bag if for some unfortunate reason they are damaged. Some of these are commercial cooler bags which we supply to many top Australian businesses throughout the country. If you would like to know of some of the companies we have worked with simply ask one of our friendly staff for your request. Manny of these coolers have shoulder straps and carry handles. These two main features of our bags selection make these items easier to carry over larger distances. All of our bags can be used with hot or cold packs for your convenience and by doing this you will be able to keep the contents of the items stored in these bags at your desired temperature. By creating this environment inside your cooler you goods can be kept up to several hours at the desired temperature you choose. 

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Nambrok Cooler Shoulder Bag
Nambrok Cooler Shoulder Bag
$8.66 AUD

Code: CBAB1010
Eumundi Cooler Bag
Eumundi Cooler Bag
$8.25 AUD

Code: CBAB3802

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