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To begin with, let's recognise the importance of a Cooler Bag for everyday life within Australia. During the seasonal months of the year our climatic conditions are hot enough for many people to insulate their cool drinks from becoming warm. On the other side of the coin Cooler Bags can also retain heat to keep items warm. We provide Australia's biggest range of Insulated Cooler Bags for you to choose from.  A couple of important considerations when choosing a Cool Bag include:

1.        Quality:  These types of bags used for daily use can take a real hammering. Quality is an important issue that should never be overlooked with any type of bag. The old saying applies you always get what you pay for.


2.       Transportability:  Choose a functional type of Promotional Cooler Bags that will suit your client’s activities on a daily basis. There is no point in providing someone with a bag that is far too large for them to use, or something that simply does not have enough space for the types of items used with the Cooler Bag.

In addition to these basic concerns, there are several criteria pertaining to the design of the bag itself, including:

  • Overall shape & balance of the Cooler Bag which will suit the end user.
  • Quantity, volume, shape, & arrangement of compartments
  • Accessibility of those compartments for additional items to be cooled.
  • Type & configuration of zippers.
  • Availability of internal compartments used for cooling blocks to be placed inside.
  • Handle and/or shoulder-strap design if applicable.

From Backpack Coolers to Lunchbox Coolers and Wine Coolers to heavy duty insulated Cooler Bags which can be specifically designed, we supply Australia's largest range of Cooler Bag products on the market. Do you need decoration or printing on your Promotional Cooler Bags?   We have a giant selection of Promo Coolers for you to choose from. Your bags will look great with a customised logo or message of your choice which can be printed directly on to your bags. All of our Promo Coolers are fully insulated, in many styles and sizes. 

Indent Or Large Quantity Orders
If you would like to order larger quantities (100+) or you simply have questions about customizing your Promotional Cooler Bag, please contact us and one of our friendly staff members will reply as soon as possible.

Customising Your Cooler Bag
We can fully customise (including decoration) nearly all Cooler Bags. This includes insulated coolers, lunch box coolers, wine coolers and more.  The options for customising include the type of insulation required, zippers, fabric alterations, sizes and handles just to name a few.  Generally speaking you tell us what you want and then we build it to your exact requirements.

Custom Made Cooler Bags
If you are browsing through our website and cannot see what you are looking for we can help you design your own personalised Cooler Bag.   Many people think that this option may be too expensive; however it is very affordable for many of our clients.  All you have to supply us is the size, colour and the type of material or fabric you want and we can help you build your perfect cooler from the ground up. (Min qty for custom made coolers is from 500 pieces)

Lead In Times
The Lead in time is normally around 4-5 business days from the signed agreement between both parties. Depending on your location, shipping is estimated at 4-5 business days anywhere in Australia, however, if you really need your coolers in a hurry just ask about our special RUSH service!!

Freight Costs
Freight will be charged at cost and will depend on quantities and destination. Freight and total cost of order will be finalised before your order is underway.

Your Artwork or logo should be supplied by should be supplied to us in an EPS or Vector Based format. We can alter other formats within our own graphic department for a small cost.  If you have any questions regarding your logo, just talk to one of our team members today. 

Do you Supply Samples?

Yes we can supply you with samples and several if need be.  Please remember you are the customer and we want to make sure we provide you with exactly what you are looking for before you place any orders.  Custom made, one off samples can also be arranged for a small fee.  Our graphics team will gather all of the information necessary before providing you with great visual mock-ups prior to us making samples for you or your clients. 

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